About Us

"When I carve the rocks, they talk to me. They tell me where to cut.... When you're tuned in, that's what happens."
(Peter Goodgold, 1996)

Peter Goodgold's long journey as an artist and student of Zen started over 50 years ago in the rainforests of Central America. Already a graduate of the finest film schools in the United States, Peter was beginning his personal quest to create a way of life that incorporated nature, art, spiritual awakening and mental clarity.Peter Goodgold in the Rainforest.

It was in the jungle that he first learned the magical restorative powers of the smell, the sound and the feel of rock and rushing water. Peter came to treasure tropical waterfalls for their unique ability to cleanse the body, mind and spirit--leaving him open to receive the gift of positive energy created by the rich, pregnant atmosphere surrounding each tropical waterfall!

Peter Goodgold carving your waterfall out of seven million year old lava.The impressions of the young artist, have now been brought to life by the mature man. Over 25 years ago, Peter began carving seven million-year-old lava rock to recreate the authentic and restorative sounds he heard in the rainforests a quarter of a century ago.

He is wiser now, having the benefit of life's lessons, the lessons of Zen, and the philosophy of Feng Shui.  Peter has learned the importance of removing oneself from the daily world in order to benefit from the healing powers of nature.

Unfortunately, the pressures of our daily lives take their toll on our spiritual well being--it's so easy to lose touch with our inner selves and become spiritually depleted. Peter understands this dilemma, and has created a personal solution with his miniature tropical waterfalls.

Each Wild Waters tropical waterfall is an original work of art. Peter faithfully incorporates the sounds of nature, and the teachings of Feng Shui. Now even the most worldly person can enjoy the benefits of peace and stress reduction by having a Wild Waters tropical waterfall in their home or office environment. This is the world of Wild Waterfalls.

A Wild Waterfalls tropical waterfall restores energy, balance and good fortune in your home, work and life!