Tropical Waterfalls and Feng Shui

By combining ancient arts and modern technology, Peter Goodgold recreates the spirit, sights and sounds of nature--where tranquility can co-exist with the modern world--in offices, living rooms, backyards and private gardens. The excitement of creation is renewed with each tropical water sculpture. And the cascading water creates peace, tranquility and prosperity in the artist and viewer.

Enchantment WaterfallAs friends started asking for his hand carved waterfalls, Peter Goodgold discovered that this artistic expression was far more fulfilling than the ego bashing world of corporate America. Interest in his creations continued to grow--providing opportunities for Peter to employ artisans and craftsman to assist in the creation if his living art! "Obviously, I've reached out to people in a way they desperately needed to be touched," Peter says of his kinetic water sculptures.

We feel that our waterfalls are breath-taking natural wonders and are not to be confused with waterfalls made of plastic. Our Wild Waters miniature waterfalls are:

  • Hand-carved out of lava rock (seven million years old)
  • They are carved twice, first for aesthetics
  • Then for acoustics
  • They sound natural and refreshing like a real mountain stream.

He offers this explanation of the calming effect of his table top waterfalls: "When water breaks down on a rock, it emits negative ions that purify the air and create a positive atmosphere. That's why after rainstorms it feels so good outside. The air has been purified." As to their ability to assist in creating prosperity, he says, "Psychics tell me that my waterfalls give off the right vibrations for serenity and prosperity--two qualities everyone wants to draw into his or her life."

Wild Waters tropical waterfalls create perfectly balanced Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging one's life in accordance with the harmonic forces of the universe. They are used to enhance our surroundings for improved efficiency. The words Feng (wind) an Shui (water) come from this ancient Chinese poem:

The wind is mild
the sun shines
the water is clear
the vegetation lush.