The Restorative Powers of Wild Waterfall's Waterfalls!

Our hand carved tropical waterfalls offer you many wonderful benefits:The artist's hands working with the lava.

  • Water rushing down real volcanic rock creates negative ions
  • Negative ions contribute to a positive atmosphere and purify your indoor air environment
  • Recharge and re-energize the atmosphere
  • Generate harmony and feng shui for your home or office
  • Good for allergy sufferers and asthmatics (helps cure sinus infections)
  • Promote deep, restful sleep
  • Recharge your body's electromagnetic field
  • Duplicate the air cleaning activity that occurs during thunderstorms
  • Raise your energy level, leaving a feeling of euphoria
  • Heighten physical and mental activity, generate a feeling of well-being
  • Need less sleep/no more depression
  • Like opening a window during a rainfall
  • Experience life's most treasured moments, promote peace and relaxation and you can feel the chi energy  within minutes

Wild Waterfalls' tropical waterfalls are carved once for looks and beauty, and carved again for tone and timbre. Each waterfall tells a different story and produces a special sound.

We embellish our waterfalls with crystals, plants, colored underwater lights, and now, with our new submerged underwater "misters." These unique, ultrasonic misters create true fog effects naturally without heat or chemicals.

They cause a fairyland of sight, smells and sounds when incorporated with our waterfalls. Misters create negative ions, promote creativity, relaxation and uplift your spirits. The mister can be submerged in any of our waterfalls and creates true theatrics and special effects for holidays, parties and other special occasions!