Waterfalls Distributor Package

Be Your Own Boss Make More Money!!
Are you looking for a business opportunity that combines the ability to make a lot of money, while at the same time representing a line of the finest products? Where you can be proud of the quality of the products, and be backed up by the finest customer service and sales support? Look no further. Wild Waterfalls has put together a plan for you to realize these goals without a large up front investment, while you can make as much money as your time and commitment will allow.

The Concept Behind The Product

WildWaterfalls produces the most beautiful and unique hand-carved lava rock waterfalls in the world. But this is only part of the story. The concept behind the product is the real genius behind our success. By combining ancient arts and modern technology, Peter Goodgold recreates the spirit, sights and sounds of nature – where tranquility can co-exist with the modern world—in offices, living rooms, backyards and private gardens.
The cascading water creates peace, tranquility and harmony. Water falling on raw, natural lava rock creates negative ions, activated oxygen (ozone), and purifies the air, similar to falling rain, natural waterfalls or waves crashing at the seashore!
With WildWaterfalls, you and your customers get all of these benefits plus get a beautiful piece of sculpture carved out of authentic lava rock! Also, the sound of falling water cascading over the rock is soothing and energizing. This force provides you with a natural and beneficial way to promote alpha waves in the brain, generating peacefulness and creativity. The presence of one of these fine waterfalls will enhance the Feng Shui of any space.

Customers love real waterfalls.
WildWaterfalls is a household name, recognized by millions from its past six years’ success
on the major Home Shopping Networks throughout the United States.

WildWaterfalls has single handedly created the craze for indoor table top waterfalls. We are committed to maintaining our leadership in this rapidly growing market. These are not merely fountains, but also air purifiers and ion generators, recreating nature’s soothing sounds with all its personal benefits.

The Plan

This is not a franchise or multi-level plan, but an exclusive distributorship program that is being offered to you for an unheard of low price. This package includes all the inventory that you will need to start off as a distributor of WildWaterfalls.
You will sell these fine waterfalls through direct retail sales and marketing in your local area, and have the opportunity to market and sell these products at art shows, craft shows, trade shows (garden, gift, new age, etc). And, you will increase your profits by wholesaling waterfalls and accessories to retail outlets such as art galleries, gift stores, book stores, health food stores, massage clinics, chiropractic offices, department stores and new age stores.

Etail - Retail

Add WildWaterfalls line to your existing company website or, for a modest fee, we will create a unique cyber-mall featuring our unique waterfalls and your other products. As a WildWaterfalls Distributor you will receive our personal guidance on how to sell the products, as well as help with marketing, lead generation, advertising copy, and even leads of interested prospects that we may have in your local area. As you can see by the pictures on this page that our product is definitely an attention grabber. We will support you, and you will benefit from the experience that we have acquired over the last seven years of creating and marketing this premier line of hand- carved table top waterfalls.
Once you become a distributor of WildWaterfalls, you will receive a complete inventory package that puts you in business right from the time you receive it. You will receive profits on our products whether you sell them yourself, or they are ordered directly from our web site by any of your customers. Success is unlimited! Where else can you start off on a new business venture for such a minimal investment that has a fast growing trend with an abundance of customers who already know and love the concept!

The Complete Package

When you become a WildWaterfalls distributor, along with all of the benefits you receive with the distributor package, you also receive the inventory package. You will earn 50% profit on the products that are sold. This is a complete set of our most popular selling models, as well as a package of accessories and sales aids so that you will be fully equipped to sell the products from day one! This package contains more than enough inventory to fully outfit a store or trade show booth.
For the low cost of $1,999 you get over $4,000 worth of high-profit margin merchandise
Here’s what you get!
Sales Aids (No Charge)
Labels, Testimonials, Catalogs, Signage, Reprints, Advertising Copy,
Selling Scripts, Sales Tapes, Training Videos

 Retail PriceTotal Retail PriceYour PriceYour Profit
4 small waterfalls$150 ea.$600$300$300
3 medium waterfalls$250 ea.$750$375$375
3 large waterfalls$400 ea.$1,200$600$600
4 pedestals$100 ea.$400$200$200
6 ultrasonic misters$50 ea.$300$150$150
5 upgrade kits$26 ea.$130$65$65
12 aromatherapy rocks$18 ea.$216$108$108
24 air plant packages$8 ea.$192$96$96
6 underwater light kits$40 ea.$240$120$120
Totals $4,028$1,999$2,001
YOUR ACTUAL DISTRIBUTOR COST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,999

Well now, there it is!!!!

For the price of only $1,999, you will get $4,028 worth of waterfalls and accessories along with the exciting financial opportunity to make a lot of money with these perennial sellers.  Additional waterfalls and accessories can be re-ordered at these discounted distributor prices.

Becoming a WildWaterfalls Distributor is As Good As Gold!

Great Product! Great Prices! Great Support!

What more could you ask for!